We all have experience of feeling (or being around someone who feels) unmotivated, tired and unable to talk yourself into working out and doing your body some good. The culprits are usually the same excuses over and over, so we’ve found a way to bust these for you and/or your friends. There’s no backing down now - you can work out regularly, as planned. Try it out ;-)

1. “I don’t have time to work out” You’ve heard this one a lot, for sure, or you’ve been in the situation yourself. You have a to-do list as long as your arm and you think you simply can’t squeeze in a one-hour or even a 20-minute workout. It’s a luxury you can’t have right now. However, a training session could actually help make things better. Studies show that working out can lead you to have a more efficient and productive day. Several studies also prove that sports reduce stress levels. No time for exercise? All the better - squeeze a quick workout in your busy schedule and gain some momentum with which to finish your chores.


2. “I’m too tired to exercise” This is probably one of the most common excuses that our inner sloth throws at us. It’s actually a load of nonsense. As studies have discovered, you only need to work out for 20 minutes 3 times a week to significantly improve your energy levels. Having more energy and, above all, feeling less tired are the main results of gentle but regular exercise. So, again, we ask you: Feeling too tired? All the better reason to get moving - sports are the best way to combat fatigue.


3. “Gyms are always too full” This could well be true but there are plenty of ways out of this one. Firstly, you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym in order to exercise. You can stay at home or visit your closest park. Parkour courses are being built in an increasing number of locations and they offer an excellent alternative to the gym. Another solution would be to sign up for classes at the gym, instead of using the machines. On the one hand, studies show that you’ll feel a greater obligation to show up. On the other hand, training in a group means that you can encourage and motivate each other. Why not give it a go?


4. “I feel a fool in front of those who know what they’re doing” To those of you with that excuse: you’re not alone. A study has revealed that 9% of gym goers end their membership because they feel out of place, while 8% feel intimidated by other gym members. But it’s actually a fact that people look at you less than you think. Most are focussed on themselves and are wearing earphones to avoid distraction as much as possible. The other solution to this problem is already mentioned above - work out at home or in the park. Another alternative is to take a friend with you to the gym, so you’ll both feel less lonely. ;-)

What do you think of our solutions? Are you ready to tackle your training again? They say that bikini bodies are made in winter, so let’s get going. :-)


Source: Fitbit