The wait is over. We’re now one of very few retailers to have it on offer to the public: the Breaking2 shoe, Nike Vaporfly 4%. Do you want to beat your best marathon time or give an extra push during your training? You’re in the right place - in our shop you’ll find the Nike Vaporfly 4%. With this shoe and support from Nike, Eliud Kipchoge very nearly managed to run a marathon in less than two hours. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to the shoe’s innovative features, which make it strictly limited and exclusively available to our Premium members.

In the preparation phase before the incredible Breaking2 event, our partner Nike conducted experiments with different kinds of materials and constructions in order to create the fastest shoe on the market. The result was a brand new midsole material, Nike ZoomX foam, which was placed on top of the likewise innovative and also extremely stable carbon fibre plate that runs along the entire length of the shoe and is designed to fit the anatomy of the foot to perfection. Thanks to these components, the Nike Vaporfly 4% offers up to 85% energy return.


Nike didn’t just focus on the midsole material, however, but also turned its attention to improving the upper. Nike Flymesh was used for the Vaporfly 4% upper, which is also equipped with extra air channels and was designed to be even more aerodynamic than previous versions. Lab tests have shown that this shoe enables the wearer to run a marathon up to 4% faster than Nike’s former fastest marathon shoe, the Nike Streak 6. This 4% was then used in the shoe’s name. We’re very proud to offer such a fast, limited and completely performance-oriented shoe in our selection. You can find it here.