Are you running the Berlin marathon?

“Oh yes, and I already know what shoes I’ll be wearing for it. What could be more appropriate than the “current world record shoe”, i.e. the adidas adizero Adios? I received them some time ago from Keller Sports to try them out and I decided to use them as competition shoes for the Tegernsee run. Little did I know that they’d be coming to Berlin with me.


I love this super lightweight shoe (I’ve already had it before, too). I wear it for fast sprints (interval training and times runs) and for many competitions. The first “toughness test” was in preparation for the Berlin Marathon - I took part in the adidas Runners City Night, also in Berlin.

I certainly didn’t break a world record, but that had nothing to do with the shoe! The mesh material provided lovely ventilation, so I didn’t feel like my feet were burning in the high temperatures. The thickness of the boost™ midsole is just right - it dampens your steps but doesn’t sap your energy, quite the opposite: the material was designed to return energy to you during every step. Another highlight: it feels just as comfortable in any temperature. If you have a shoe with an EVA sole, you might have noticed that it soon feels too spongy when the temperatures rise, or too hard when it gets colder. Shoes with a boost™ midsole, however, can be worn at all times (I’ve even worn mine to run in -10 C in the snow!).

Adidas Adizero Adios_1

The Continental outsole also proved its worth. At a rest stop, the tarmac was pretty wet and slippery, but what works for tyres also works for running shoes, so I enjoyed great grip throughout and didn’t slip once.

My conclusion: I recommend this shoe to everyone who want to run faster (though the sole could be a little too hard for beginners), even during competitions. The shoe has a slim fit, so it feels a little small. I always been half a size larger."