Some days ago we introduced you to our new partner Heimplanet - we have some of the innovative brand’s outstanding rucksacks and bags in our selection. Now, we’ve teamed up with Heimplanet to launch a new campaign for you. In short, you can borrow a Heimplanet tent for up to four days to try out the unique tent construction. You can do this throughout the summer and it’s completely free! Just come to the Keller Sports Store in Munich, leave a deposit, pack your tent and go out into nature. You’ll get the deposit back once you return the tent. The only condition for this deal is that you post a picture of the tent and its surroundings on Facebook or Instagram, tagging Keller Sports and Heimplanet. Otherwise, just send the picture to [email protected]


What makes these tents special is that they come without any poles - they’re completely inflatable. Building a tent has never been easier! All you need is an air pump. Just a couple of minutes and “The Cave” is ready to use. The 2-3 person tent is very stable and is equipped with many different functions. Five sealed ventilation openings ensure the temperature within the tent is just right, while the several integrated pockets provide storage space inside. Even if the tent is broken, the Multi Chamber Safety System keeps it standing thanks to the detachable air frame. The two inventive founders of the company spent a lot of time planning the construction and different materials needed to make the perfect tent. The first inflatable tent was Heimplanet’s “The Cave” and you can borrow it from our store this summer.


The second, slightly smaller tent that you can borrow from us is Heimplanet’s “Fistral”. The Fistral is also inflatable and offers enough space for 1-2 people. Compact, easy to pitch and very comfortable, thanks to its two entrances and two anterooms. The tents are perfect for those who love travelling but can’t bear to look at the spaghetti junction made up of poles and hooks that is the conventional tent. ;-) Simply pop into the store and borrow one of these extremely cool, practical and comfortable Heimplanet tents.