My personal view on the subject of Long distance marathon running- Part1

According to Wikipedia the definition for ‘Ultra Marathon’ is a running event over a distance which is longer than the marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers. While the pinnacle for most runners is the marathon, there area few who look to go beyond just one marathon and push themselves to extremes. I too am one of these"exotic" or even positively insane people. What is it like to run a marathon? You usually begin to hit the wall between 30-40 kilometers, this is something you must prepare for and embrace! In my personal opinion, ultrarunning is more a matter of attitude and philosophy of life. Many runners enjoy the togetherness of ultra running.It is not necessarily a competition against each other, like many other running eventsall over the country; instead it gives a sense of togetherness and a shared experience. Its upports and encourages you to have courage when things get difficult. Sure, there are also negatives which can include route runs at a breathtaking pace but by overcoming these negatives you get a great sense of achievement. For most, the 50 km classic race is how people begin ultra-running (In the form of 5 or 10 km laps). This gives you a fast and easy way to begin your ultra-distance training. If you can even enlist the help and support of an experienced ultra runner, then the experience will be even more beneficial. If you've had classic marathon experience then you have already completed a crucial part of the ultra running training experience. It is important to learn that after a few training sessions you can only get better. Here is some good advice to keep the nerves away and to counter the need to give up. When you're on your feet for 15 hours, you are definitely not having fun. There are constant highs and lows and if you are struggling then you must drop the pace a little (perhaps even for a few km's) this will always refuel you and put you back on a high. Remember that walking is not always a sign of weakness but is a great way to rest without relaxing your muscles. Smart runners listen to their body and give it the required recovery, this is important as you have to be able to recognize what your body is saying to you. Having awareness of your body is a big factor in training. You will gradually learn thesigns and signals of your body from doing lots of long distance running, and more importantly, how to respond to it. The most important thing about training is regeneration. Unfortunately, this is neglected by many runners. If you complete a very long training session you can get pains which can gradually occur and cause immense stress on the musculoskeletal system.