Just in time for the Olympic Games in Rio, adidas has launched its “Olympic Medal Pack” for the Ultra Boost. This means that the Ultra Boost now comes in three new colour variations: gold, silver and bronze. The colours appear on the heel cap, while the upper material remains a sleek black or grey. With the three new colour schemes of the famous adidas running shoe, there is nothing else you need to start the 2016 Olympic Games, right? These shoes will be available to you in our range from the 17.08.2016.adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-gold-medal-1

adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-gold-medal-1 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-gold-medal-4 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-gold-medal-4 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-silver-medal-3 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-silver-medal-4 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-bronze-medal-3 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-bronze-medal-2 adidas-ultra-boost-olympic-bronze-medal-1 Source: Sneakernews