If you’re the kind who loves intense workouts then the new Nike Motion Adapt sports bra was made for you. Thanks to superior support, adaptive compression and perspiration-absorbing material, this bra is perfectly suited to workouts that involve fast movements. Jumping up and down and any other dynamic movements, like burpees, jumping squats or box jumps, as well as sprints and mountain climbers - with the Motion Adapt, they won’t be a problem for you anymore. During high-intensity training you’ll get the support you require thanks to the sports bra’s adaptive compression, which reacts to the intensity of your movements. Produktbild In certain areas, the Motion Adapt is also equipped with mesh to encourage air circulation. A secure and comfortable fit is guaranteed by the underbust band. Do you already feel like the new Nike Motion Adapt training bra might be made for a superwoman like you? Do you think it has the potential to become your new favourite wardrobe staple? Then check out the different-coloured versions available in our selection. (1)IG_original