Our partner Spyder stands for modern, functional and technologically advanced ski clothing - this has been proven once again with the new Spyder Vyper ski jacket. The stylish jacket has three important and innovative technologies. As we have this jacket in our range, we would like to briefly introduce these technologies:

3M™ Thinsulate™

Thinsulate™ is a composite word of "thin" and "insulate", which describes the technology quite plainly. Microfibres store warm air and reflect body temperature back towards the skin. This means that 3M™ Thinsulate™ is a very thin but extremely good protective layer that shields the wearer of the Spyder Vyper ski jacket from the cold - ideal for cold skiing days.Unbenannt


This is an extremely thin membrane that is not only waterproof, but also breathable. Light but hardwearing materials lend the Xt.L™ its Stretch Recovery function, meaning that the Spyder Vyper ski jacket can be worn season after season and during several skiing trips, yet it will always look new and be functional as such.


To make the Spyder Vyper ski jacket the perfect garment for all powder fans out there, it has been equipped with a Spylon™ DWR layer that makes it even more waterproof. DWR stands for "durable water repellent". The interesting thing about this layer is that it retains its waterproof properties even after being washed several times.

As described above, this jacket not only has many technologies, but also several functions that combine to make it the optimal garment for the piste. All zips, whether straight down the middle or o the pockets, are made to be waterproof, which ensures everything inside your pockets stays dry during your trip. As well as this, all the seams on the jacket are taped - on the one hand, this offers improved comfort, on the other, it protects you against water. A Bemis® anti-abrasion overlay protects the jacket against wear and tear, proving how sustainable production is. Apart from that, the Spyder Vyper ski jacket's removable hood sits comfortably under a helmet. With the jacket's cool asymmetrical design, it does not compromise on style at all. All in all, the Spyder Vyper jacket offers everything you could ever want from a ski jacket.spyder vyper