Babolat has released the Pure Strike 16/19, on the occasion of the Wimbledon games, the oldest gram slam tournament. There are some tennis players who use the speed of the balls to dictate rallies. For this they expect high strength and a good spin behavior from their bat. TheBabolat Pure Strike combines these elements and has received great feedback. Additionally, the racket has a light frame whereby balance and speed are optimally combined. Its easy maneuverability is supported by the small head and narrow frame. The Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 is ideal for a tennis tournament!

Babolat Pure Strike 16/19

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Babolat has combined many technologies to get the best out of this racket, designed for Wimbledon. Here we will explain the combination of technologies that give this racket speed, fast game play and first class stability.

Stabilizer Technology For Precision

The innovative hybrid design which is both square and elliptical, made from high strength carbon fiber improves the torsional stability on impact. The racket provides you with the ideal reactivity and precision. The Stabilizer Technology prevents a possible twisting of the racket.

EVO Beam prevents Twisting On Impact

The different diameters of the frame provide a lower twist when hitting the ball and optimizes reactivity.

Response Woofer For Maximal Energy Return

image source: Babolat
Through prolonged contact between ball and string a greater control and a more comfortable game can be achieved. The Response Woofer technology supports energy return with special eyelet construction

X-Sider For Increased Sweet Spot

X Sider
image source: Babolat
With X-Sider technology the hit-tolerance is increased so that the new frame increases the Sweet Spot.    
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