James Rodriguez, the Real Madrid football star, would like to give us an insight into his preparation for a training session or a game. Apart from that, we also want to share some more EXOS expert training tips with you.

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James Rodriguez divides his preparations into three parts. The first part, mental preparation, is, in his own words: “Only when I fully engage my mind into the training can I stay focused and set myself goals”. Nutrition is the second part, and he summarises is so: “Healthy good and a lot of fluids throughout the day are essential”. “Before the actual training begins, your body must first be at a working temperature” is how he describes the third part, physical preparation.

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When asked if he prepares differently when it comes to a game, he responded: “Routine is the key to success”. We suspect that mental preparation will focus more on game tactics, but apart from that the process will remain pretty much the same. For the footballer, it is always very important to have good control over the situation. He concentrates fully and completely on his surroundings.


If you want to achieve your maximal potential and lead a healthier, more fulfilled life, simply follow the expert tips provided by EXOS. Learn from professionals Observe your sports idols and find out how they managed to achieve goals similar to yours. This will help you have more faith in your own capabilities. Turn your idol into a role model and integrate their tricks into your training. Set yourself goals Before your next training session, plan ahead what challenge you want to tackle. There is always room for improvement, so set yourself a training goal and focus on it. Never forget recovery After every training there should always be a recovery phase in which your body and your mind can muster up new energy. Just ten minutes of stretching and breathing exercises can work wonders. Power up with food In order to provide your body with enough nutrients and fluids throughout the day, it is recommended to eat little but often. tile_1_tcm37-129274 In our Keller Sports online shop you can kit yourself out with products from brands like our partner adidas in the categories of running, training and more.