Whether you prefer to stick to the tracks or like to head off-piste, safety should be your first priority. Among other things, this means getting equipment that will protect you during a fall. Our partner Alpina has risen to the challenge, developing the perfect ski helmet: the Alpina Attelas Visor QVM. We now have this helmet in our selection, so we’d like to introduce you to it.


The latest and best feature of the Alpina Attelas helmet is its new and innovative ERGO³ technology, which has already been given an award at the ISPO event. This technology makes the helmet more comfortable than ever before, as the shape adjusts perfectly to your head. The helmet is actually made up of two shells. Put on the helmet and you’ll feel how the inner shell moves over a very precise ratchet mechanism with eight “steps”. You’ll then notice how the helmet fits perfectly all over. Should the fit feel too tight, though, you can loosen it at the touch of a button. For you, the Alpina Attelas’ ERGO³ technology means the best support, a compact construction, top comfort and even more security.


Another great benefit of the Alpina ski helmet is the visor. QuattroVarioflex-Mirror technology eliminates reflections, blinding light and infrared light. Contrast is sharpened and the shading adjusts automatically to the light conditions. The visor also impresses with its unrestricted 180° range of vision. The visor shuts off all draughts from below with foam but still has a large amount of inner space to accommodate correction glasses. A few more highlights you can look forward to with this helmet are the removable earpads, Airstream Control technology, a streamlined ventilation system thanks to the flattened openings and the stable hard shell, which protects you from head injuries.


Stay safe on and off the piste and protect your head above all. The Alpina Attelas Visor QVM is the best helmet for the job - it’s the most technologically advanced and the nicest-looking helmet on the market. Check it out here.


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