Outdoor PRO Julian took his mountain bike to the mountains last weekend. He brought along the minimalist Gram Comp Gore Tex Active shell jacket by Haglöfs, which is ideal for cycling and hiking trips. It is extremely breathable and ensures an optimal body temperature during outdoor activities. It also has a hood that adapts perfectly to the shape of the head and stays put even in blustery winds. The jacket is completely wind- and waterproof. It protected Outdoor PRO Julian against the wind whenever he went downhill, and allowed perspiration to escape when he went uphill. It also sits securely and is extremely comfortable. You can store many items in the big chest pocket and, as the jacket has a very low volume, it is very easy to store and bring along. If you enjoy climbing trips or other upper body activities, the elasticated cuffs will be helpful too. Jacke The route that Julian used the Haglöfs jacket for is only a 45 minute drive from Munich and it is approximately 25km long. It offers excellent views with a few challenging forest trails in the Dietramszell forest. Julian2 Hechenberg is ideal as a starting point because from there you can ride along the Kirch lake and reach the Reutberg monastery, which offers an impressive view of the mountains. The monastery has its own brewery and is the ideal spot for a comfortable rest. The way back runs along the Kirch lake and the Kogler pond, past the Maria Elend chapel and the Wald pond. From there you pass Dietramszell and its monastery and return to Hechenberg.