For our Keller Sports Pro Franzi, a skiing tour and some freeriding represent the ultimate feeling of freedom. Adventures in the mountains and generally being out in nature is the perfect way to counterbalance everyday life’s routine.

“It all starts with the inner peace you experience during the climb. Then there’s the joy of taking in the views once you’ve hit the top and the sense of achievement of having made it so far. Finally, the adrenaline rush and feeling of freedom you get during the descent - it’s addictive.


If you want to get the most enjoyment out of your skiing tour, you need to have the right equipment with you. All skiers know that the most important part of your gear, the one that needs to adjust to the shape of your foot and your skiing style, is your ski boot. For freeriders and ski tourers, choosing the right ski boot can be quite a challenge. The boot needs to be light and comfortable for climbs but it also needs to provide stability and support during the descent, so you can speed down the mountain in big lines and jump over rocks.


The Dalbello Lupo AX 110 W is the first 2-in-1 freeride and ski touring ski boot that Dalbello has designed exclusively for ‘snow-junkie’ girls. It’s the perfect ski boot for ambitious freeriders who will go to the effort of climbing a few hundred metres to find untouched slopes with fresh powder. Unlike conventional ski touring boots, this model provides stability and support during fast, steep descents, packing in the whole freeride experience into a comfortable touring boot.


The Dalbello Lupo is very comfortable to wear. The Lupo AX 110 weighs just 1610 g and, thanks to the newly developed IRFRAN material, the insulating inner shoe adjusts to the shape of your foot in minutes. This results in the perfect fit and heat output. At 99 mm, the shoe has been designed to fit the average foot width, but the flexible material can be adjusted to fit narrower feet beautifully. The 110/120 Flex means that, when used during descents on all kinds of terrain, this ski model certainly doesn’t feel like a typical touring boot but rather downhill-performance ski boot. The Lupo’s downhill performance is further enhanced by its ski/hike mechanism, which you don’t see in many conventional touring boots. This system keeps the stability of the shell constant and stops you from slipping into ‘walking mode’ by accident.


Nonetheless, climbing is still very comfortable while wearing the Lupo. Dalbello has included a unique hike mode that allows you to remove the tongue completely and enjoy extra wiggle room while you climb. This also allows for extra ventilation to the foot.


For me, the Dalbello Lupo is the perfect ski boot for all you ski tourers and freeriders who have a fast, radical skiing style, will attempt a drop from time to time and need a stable boot that will allow you to climb without weighing you down or making you feel uncomfortable. Watch out guys, with the Lupo AX 110 W, we girls will be passing you by!