Keller Sports Pro Kati swears by the Nike Free range. She’s always said they’re the ideal shoes for functional training. For her, the new Nike Free TR Flyknit 2 strikes the perfect balance between a stylish and perfect-fitting fitness shoe and a supportive bodyweight training shoe:

“The Nike Free TR Flyknit 2 is a highly comfortable and innovative fitness shoe, and I can confirm it. The seamless construction and sock-like shaft feel great on the foot and allow plenty of freedom to move. This means that planking, stretching and kneeling are a real breeze with these shoes.


The upper is made of flexible, seamless Flyknit material that’s extremely breathable. The shoe is particularly light and, thanks to the integrated Flywire fibres and a partial inner shoe in the forefoot area, it provides the perfect support during jumps, stops and sudden directional changes. The flexible Tri-Star outsole tread enables an optimal rolling phase, so running on the treadmill and doing movement preps are perfectly possible wearing these shoes. The Nike Free TR Flyknit 2 is perfect for intense indoor training like HIIT and circuit training. The only thing that bothered me a little was that the upper tends to get dirty quickly - but the shoe is machine washable.


In my opinion, this shoe has a normal fit, so you can buy the size you normally use. The midfoot area is of this training shoe is quite wide, though, so ladies with slightly wider feet can use it too.

My conclusion:

For me, the Nike Free TR Flyknit 2 is the perfect companion for modern gym training or barefoot running and training during a city trip. The shoe is ultra lightweight, so you barely feel like you’re wearing it when you work out. Apart from that, you don’t have to compromise on support - when you jump, you’ll feel stable throughout. The highlight of this shoe, in my view, is the comfort it offers. It adjusts beautifully to your foot, like a second skin. I’d say this is the ideal shoe for indoor fitness, functional training and even freeletics.”


If Kati’s review has convinced you and you want to try out the Nike Free TR Flyknit 2 for yourself, check out this training shoe here.

Enjoy your workout!