“We want to change the entire sector”. The new Patagonia Better Sweater® is one of over 300 Fair Trade-certified products from our partner Patagonia and it’s brought the brand one step closer to making its vision a reality. With 27% of its entire product range complying to Fair Trade standards, Patagonia is one of the largest clothing manufacturers to have its products made in Fair Trade-certified sewing workshops. Fair Trade Certified™ means fair salaries and safe working conditions for staff, as well as compliance with health, social and environmental policies. As part of the programme, Patagonia pays its staff in Fair Trade factories a premium that makes all of this possible. Everyone has the right to fair working conditions - by buying a Better Sweater, you’re also giving support to the workers in the factories. The Patagonia Better Sweater® is made of 100% soft polyester fleece and is dyed using an environmentally-friendly process that reduces the use of water, energy and chemicals. The Better Sweater comes in a mottled design with a standing collar and flatlock seams that provide top comfort. Designed to be a good all-rounder, the Better Sweater looks just as cool worn over a shirt while walking around the city as it does under a jacket during an outdoor trip. The soft fleece on the inside of the jacket is absorbent, while the outside impresses with a stylish knitted look. The fleece jacket has a chest pocket and two side pockets that will keep your hands warm on cold days. The Patagonia Better Sweater is a jacket that makes you feel great thanks to its soft, warm material and super comfortable fit. All this and its Fair Trade Certified™ manufacture will make this fleece jacket your new favourite garment. You can find the Better Sweater in our selection now.  Patagonia_BMP_x675 FTC Sewing Logo-Black Banner-CMYK