As we recently promised to do, today we're showing you the three episodes of our partner The North Face's Tsirku expedition. The expedition took place on the Tsirku glacier, which is on the border between the Yukon, British Columbia and Alaska. Watch these episodes, enjoy the scenery and dream of your next skiing trip - have fun!009_LO_2016B_291-0

Episode 1: No Man's Land

In the first episode, the three freeriders Ralph Backstrom, Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten wait for improved weather conditions to look at the mountain with binoculars and from a helicopter. Here you can already appreciate the incredible slopes of the Tsirku glacier.

Episode 2: The Drop

In the second episode the adventurers ride snowmobiles to get to the foot of the mountain. After an exhausting climb they start to ski down the mountain - at first a very difficult challenge that later proves to be pure joy.

Episode 3: Corrugated

The name of the last episode of the Tsirku expedition already gives it away: it's about the corrugated side of the mountain. A particularly difficult descent because of the snow waves. In a nutshell: cool pictures and an indescribable experience.