“The soft shell 2.0 – Apex Flex GTX from The North Face is easily one of the most versatile outdoor jackets currently available on the market”, says Thomas, our experienced Keller Sports Outdoor Pro. In this post, we already introduced you to The North Face® Apex Flex soft shell rainproof jacket and all its functions. This spring, Thomas has tried out the outdoor brand’s innovative product extensively in mixed weather conditions and exclusively for us. You can find out about his experience and personal opinion from the man himself: “When I unpacked the Apex Flex GTX I was a little doubtful. At first glance, I felt that it was a little too stiff to be a classic soft shell and a bit too heavy and bulky (regarding packing volume) for a classic shell jacket. After putting on the jacket, I started feeling a bit more optimistic. The jacket fits really well and both the inside material and the outside material feel like very good quality. Then it was time to get out into the fresh air and see how the jacket fared there. Straight away I realised where this jacket’s true strength lies: versatility! Unlike conventional soft shells, this jacket has the great advantage of being equipped with a Gore Tex membrane, making it 100% waterproof. I had the opportunity to test the jacket in heavy rain and snow, in all kinds of outdoor conditions - water never once got through the material. GuideTest01 At the same time, the Apex covers the “warmth properties” offered by a soft shell. This March and April the weather was extremely varied. Whenever I felt that I was underdressed for the weather, the jacket kept me comfortable between temperatures slightly below 0 up to 15 C. It was only during the warmer weather at the end of March/beginning of April that I changed into a thinner jacket. One aspect I really want to touch upon is something I was doubtful about at first: the stiffness of the jacket. As I first held the jacket I thought it was too bad that it didn’t feel soft like classic soft shells. This scepticism changed the moment I put on the jacket. The 4-way stretch material saves the day by making sure the jacket feels super comfortable against the body. GuideTest02 Who would I recommend the Apex to? The Apex is a really well-made jacket that brings the soft shell category to a whole new level. It is extremely versatile and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, uncomplicated jacket. I recommend this jacket to those who need a versatile shell jacket but have not set themselves any extreme outdoor challenges - these would require lighter jackets with a lower packing volume for layering. Nevertheless, the Apex is perfect for spring skiing trips, hiking in cool weather, walking to the office and doing daily activities, as it offers all the benefits of a soft shell jacket but is also waterproof. The Apex Flex is sure to come in handy for me in the coming weeks! Size M was perfect for me (I’m approx 1.84 m high). I am really pleased with this jacket”. Perfect for the variable spring weather then! The North Face® Apex Flex is a year-round jacket that you can find in our shop now. Have fun checking it out for yourself! Apex Flex1Final