Over the past few weeks, we’ve joined forces with Nike to search for some special runners via our sports rewarding app, KELLER sMiles. The challenge we used to search for these runners involved running at least 60k in one week. Many athletes participated and finished the challenge.

From the pool of finishers, we selected three men and two women to form the Keller Sports Marathon Team, which will be taking part in the Berlin Marathon. But before race day, we have lots of events and rewards in store for our volunteers. Keller-Sports-Marathon-Team-1

The Keller Sports Marathon Team

We’re going to introduce you to the five members of the team and tell you why they run and what their ‘Road to Berlin’ looks like. The 42.195k race through the German capital begins on 16th September.

Maximilian Danielewicz

Max comes from Halle (Saale), Germany. He’s 21 years old and began running regularly and intensively approximately seven years ago. He has two main reasons for running. Firstly, he simply enjoys running. He loves that he can “always get to know new running enthusiasts”. Secondly, running is “the perfect way to unwind from everyday life and university”. The race in mid-September will be his first ever marathon, but he’s taken part in several parade race days, 10k runs and half-marathons. With personal records of 32:28 (10k) and 1:16:58 (half-marathon), he’s the fastest member of the Keller Sports Marathon Team despite his lack of marathon experience. Maximilian-Danielewicz-1 We’re really excited to have you on our Keller Sports Marathon Team, Max. We’re also looking forward to seeing how you fare during your first marathon.

Jan Lau

The second runner on our team is called Jan. He’s 26 and comes from Dresden. It was in 2011 that he started running intensively and it’s gone uphill from there. Running has become part of his everyday life. “It (running) gives my day some structure and gives me new goals”, he says. Be it a quick run in the city, a trail run over a mountain or even a marathon, Jan is up for it. The race in September will be his fifth marathon. Jan-Lau-4 Feeling motivated by the chance to beat your personal best, run with friends and try out new running shoes? Definitely a perfect fit in our Keller Sports Marathon Team, Jan.

Julia Habitzreither

One of two ladies in our Marathon Team: Julia. The 30-year-old medicine student has been running intensively for around four years. What she loves most about running is the challenge, the fun and the opportunity to unwind from a long working day. Her goal and motivation is to improve her performance. She also enjoys getting to know new friends through her hobby. She ticks all the boxes and definitely belongs in our Keller Sports Marathon Team. Julia is a good all-round athlete. Julia-Habitzreither-3 We wish you lots of fun during the marathon, Julia - it’s in just five weeks’ time! And we’re very happy to have you on the team.

Thomas Loke

Thomas is the third guy in the Keller Sports Marathon Team, and he’ll be turning 33 soon. He actually has a background in football but hung up his studded shoes three years ago. After that, he searched for a new sporty hobby where he could challenge himself. He signed up for a half marathon and was hooked - he’d found his next objective. He’s been a passionate runner ever since then. He likes to keep fit and set himself new challenges. He ran the race in the German capital last year, so he has a clear goal in mind for this year’s race: to beat his personal best. Thomas-Loke-1 Have fun and give it your all. You can do it ;-) It’s great that you’re part of our team, Thomas.

Steffanie Knapp

Steffi, 33, has the most experience of 42.195k runs in our Keller Sports Marathon Team. The race in mid-September will be her ninth marathon. Running has been part of Steffi’s everyday life since 2013. For her, this sport is the best in the world. “Of course it’s hard sometimes, especially when you’re training for a special run, you wake up super early in the mornings to train or you go for a run in the evening after work, but for me, it’s all worth the effort”, she says. Her main goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Steffanie-Knapp-1 The race in Berlin is your next step to achieving your ambitious goal, Steffi. Good luck!

The Keller Sports Marathon Team in the Nike Fast Lab in Berlin

Our Marathon Team met up for the first time in Berlin last weekend. They joined the 25 winners of our Facebook prize draw and visited the Nike Lab. The very latest shoes are being displayed there during the European Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Among these shoes are the Nike Pegasus Turbo and the Nike Vaporfly 4% with Flyprint. Nike gave us all a special t-shirt each during the event and offered us a unique opportunity to try out the Breaking2 running shoe, the Nike Vaporfly 4%. 180804-Nike-Fast-Lab-Keller-Sports-Marathon-Team-180-1024x683 Nike had set up treadmills that were set to the marathon pace of Breaking2 runner Eliud Kipchoge.

Our runners had the chance to try to keep up with the 21km/h pace for 800 metres. This gave them a feel of how incredible the Kenyan runner’s performance is.

It goes without saying that our Keller Sports Marathon Team took on the challenge readily. Thomas said he was extremely impressed with how fast Kipchoge had covered the 42.195 k. Have you ever tried to cover such a long distance at such a fast pace? 180804-Nike-Fast-Lab-Keller-Sports-Marathon-Team-148-1024x748 Apart from trying out the Vaporfly 4%, our Keller Sports Marathon Team were also given the brand new Nike Pegasus Turbo. Read more about the new Nike running shoe here. All in all, they were very impressed with the Nike Pegasus Turbo. We’re very excited to see how they make the most of the shoe’s speed during the marathon.

What next?

This week we’re sending the Keller Sports Marathon Team to the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. They’ll be joined by the Facebook prize draw winners, who were also involved in the Fast Lab event. The group will be cheering for German Athletics stars Johannes Vetter, Gesa Felicitas Krause, Robert Harting, Julian Reus, among others. We’re looking forward to hearing what the group has to say about the competition in Berlin. Which disciplines are you going to be following? Nike-Leichtathletik-EM-1024x683 In the weeks leading up to the marathon in Berlin, we’ll be keeping you up to date on all the news regarding the Keller Sports Marathon Team and their preparation for the race. We’re sure 16th September will be a day to remember. We wish our team and all of the other competitors the best of luck over the 42.195 k run. 180804-Nike-Fast-Lab-Keller-Sports-Marathon-Team-218-1024x683