The next outdoor adventure or a journey that promises to be full of activity is just around the corner and you’re wondering what you should pack. You only have limited space in your suitcase but you want to be well equipped, feel comfortable and look good. Shoes not only take up a lot of space but often make up most of the bag’s weight. SS17_Terradora_Lifestyle_09-1024x684 That’s where the Keen Terradora hiking shoe comes in. It is the perfect travelling partner for women who like varied trips and outdoor adventures. This shoe is perfectly designed to the female anatomy, it is a versatile piece of footwear and leaves little to be desired when it comes to functionality. D75562AE24732EB6A25675A28E2ED098 It’s the ideal shoe for walking in the park, discovering an old city or trekking in the mountains. Whether you’re a relaxed walker or a fast-paced hiker, whether you prefer tarmac, gravel or forest paths, whether you’re a pro or a beginner - the light and flexible construction of this shoe guarantees excellent freedom of movement during every activity, while the rubber outsole offers a fantastic grip on all kinds of terrain. ss17_terradora_loc_outdoors-05084 Apart from all of its impressive functions (read more about them here), this hiking shoe boasts a stylish design and is super comfortable - ideal for city trips. A true all-rounder, the Keen Terradora solves the problem of deciding which shoes to take with you, as it’s perfect for every occasion. It also ensures your luggage is lighter than it would be otherwise ;) If you value versatility and style, this shoe is a must-have for your travels - check out our models here. 900x675 (2)