Norwegian long-distance runner and Gore Running Wear athlete Sondre Amdahl has run one of the hardest ultra-marathons in April this year. This was the Sable marathon, which consists of six stages over seven days. The 230 kilometer trek through the Moroccan Sahara is particularly challenging as temperatures can range between 40°C during the day and 5°C during the night. As well as this, the runners have to carry their personal belongings over rocky surfaces and long sand dunes. The stages range between 20 and 40 kilometres, only one of them is over 80k long.img_5071

In the video the long-distance runner tells us about his experiences in the desert and about the equipment he took with him: “I didn’t wear a GPS-watch, not even a stop watch, so I had not a clue of the pace or the distance. The only thing that I focused on, was how my body felt and how I adapted to the heat.”

Source: Sondre Amdahl