This year adidas is introducing the first recyclable shoes to the market. The shoes are made of repurposed plastic waste from the world’s oceans. The brand has developed a process whereby plastic waste is filtered out of the sea and is processed into filaments and fibres for shoes and other products. This product line is clear proof that adidas wants to fight environmental pollution. Plastic pollution in the sea has become a huge issue, as every year 8 million tonnes (7.2 billion kilos) of plastic end up in oceans all over the planet.


The brand is trying to eliminate any non-recyclable materials from its supply chain and adapt to natural resources. Adidas’ ultimate goal is to create recycled materials that have exactly the same properties as new raw materials. The company has already removed poisonous dyes and other chemicals from its product lines. Apart from that, the sports article manufacturer is also trying to reduce water pollution by using waterless pigments.

Source: Global Citizen