It should be motion-friendly, comfortable and well-fitted throughout all kinds of activities. It should also dry quickly and keep your skin dry during your workout, so you’re not distracted by discomfort. Top athletes agree that these features are what make the ideal sports bra for power women. The NikeWomen design team has gathered these opinions and taken on the challenge of creating the first ever piece of clothing using Nike Flyknit technology. 19932491_1698865603756005_3005127495331610624_n Flyknit technology guarantees a precise and extremely good fit, stability and full breathability. Nike Flyknit shoes also impress with their particularly light weight and the seamless, adjustable upper. To develop this first ever Flyknit piece of clothing, Nike spent several hours carrying out tests with several body scans to see the effects that heat, perspiration, cooling and movement have on a woman’s body. Although these “atlas maps” are usually used to find the perfect material to make a piece of clothing, this time they were used to devise the perfect construction for the Flyknit sports bra. 900x675_2 The result of all this research is the Nike Flyknit sports bra, which offers perfect support, excellent breathability and helps cool you down quickly where you need it most. At the same time, Nike has also managed to design a bra that looks as fantastic as it feels. While other sports bras can consist of up to 42 different pieces of fabric, the seamless Nike Flyknit bra is made up of just five, making it 30% lighter than conventional sports bras. This means that the bra is ideal for all kinds of sports activities - from high-intensity training and spinning to Pilates and yoga. A perfect all-rounder for tough women or those who aim to become one. "This is bigger than a bra, really. It’s about breaking down the barriers women face in sports and life"- Janett Nichol, VP of apparel innovation. So, what do you think of the new Flyknit sports bra? 19984943_146013419309438_1954743430064111616_n