Cold fingers? Clammy palms? While practising winter sports these conditions can be very unpleasant. How can this be avoided and what criteria should you follow when looking for the right gloves?  In this post we will be sharing some information about the construction of a glove and explaining the functions of the Reusch Modus GTX that prevent uncomfortable situations like those mentioned above.


The three most important aspects of a glove are the membrane, the insulation and the surface (particularly that of the palm).



The outer layer of a glove should ideally shield you against water and cold temperatures, while also being breathable. It is also meant to guard against injury, which is why we recommend always wearing gloves while practising winter sports, even in warmer temperatures. The Reusch Modus GTX ticks all the boxes thanks to its GORE-TEX membrane, which provides both wind- and waterproof protection, as well as breathability.



The inner layer of material provides warmth, breathability and moisture management. This means that the ideal insulation should be strong and have a good structure and construction. In the Reusch Modus GTX, PrimaLoft Gold technology takes care of all of that by providing a highly functional insulating layer that keeps the warmth in and feels soft against your skin. Palm: The material on the palm should offer comfort and good grip. In this case, Reusch uses goatskin both on the palm and the back of the hand for extra robustness.


Here is where you can find the Reusch Modus GTX in our online shop. Discover more high quality Reusch gloves here, and find the perfect model for you.