The time has finally come: the long awaited Z.N.E. collection by adidas has hit the market. It is for this reason that we want to present the collection’s most prominent garment, the adidas Z.N.E. hoodie, and invite you to experience these new products in our Keller Sports Store. You can also take part in an exclusive prize draw.

With the slogan “Find your zone”, adidas has created articles with the aim to help athletes concentrate on a competition. We believe that the adidas Z.N.E. hoodie is the piece that is most prepared to achieve this goal, no matter what sport it is used for. During the development of the hoodie and the entire collection, three main themes stood out: reduced audial distraction, minimal visual distraction and protection against discomfort. The large hood shields the athlete from his or her surroundings, including distracting noises and sights. Under this large hood you can also fit on-ear headphones, so you can listen to your motivational music before the competition without having to take off your hood.

Focus is achieved via a high level of comfort – adidas delivers this with the light Climalite fabric, which keeps the wearer dry. The hoodie has a very clean design and comes in white; yet again, to reduce visual distraction. adidas Senior Product Manager Michael Krapohl speaks of the adidas Z.N.E. hoodie: “Our athletes compete in front of huge, passionate crowds, and need to maintain their focus under immense pressure. A lack of focus can be the difference between winning or losing. We designed the adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie to allow athletes of all sports to tune in to their pre-game strategies and personal rituals, and to centre themselves ready for the challenge ahead.”

All in all, a great piece of a super collection from adidas. We’ve set up our store especially to welcome this new collection, and over the next few days you have the chance to try out the products, get inspired, find your zone and take part in our exclusive prize draw. The prize is an unforgettable sports experience and high-quality headphones from premium brand Teufel, to match the hoodie – with these, you’re sure never to lose concentration during a competition. Find out more on the store’s Facebook page or visit the shop directly; go to Auenstraße 120 in Munich.