No matter what level of dedication they have to their sport, many athletes train on their own. When you run alone you are in a continual fight against yourself, your own best times, your own lack of motivation and your own doubts. All this puts you under great pressure, both physically and mentally. Above all though, the biggest challenge is only having your own performance to beat. In any case, running does not have to be a lonely sport and there are many benefits to finding a running buddy or group. Of course, you need to make sure everyone in the group has the same or at least similar goals to you: speed, performance, competition, etc. Provided they are in the right group, all kinds of runners can benefit from group running.


For amateurs who have only run once, or not at all, have a lot to learn about running – this process is much easier and much faster as part of a group. Running groups meet up often; this gives runners extra motivation and helps them overcome laziness. As well as this, they develop friendships so running is more fun. Last but not least, regular training automatically improves performance.

Experienced runners

Experienced runners no longer struggle with training regularly. In a group, these athletes can benefit from mutual encouragement. When you run on your own it is easy to interrupt the workout if it isn’t going as you wanted or expected. With a buddy or a group you push each other to perform better and keep on going with the training. This encouragement is invaluable to athletes who have been running quite a long time and want to make progress.


Even for very experienced and professional runners there are benefits to sticking to like-minded individuals during training. Successfully completing longer runs often depends on details that can be improved by sharing experiences with others. You can swap tips or even full training plans with others to make your training more varied and improve your performance at the same time.

Are you looking for a running group to have fun with and keep fit? Just get in touch with the Isar Runners organised by Keller Sports. With them you can go running twice a week (for free, of course) and take part in shoe trials and competitions.