Looking for a training shoe that won’t just do for your HIT workout but will be ideal for the entire training session? We’ve got a hot tip for you from ASICS: the ASICS Conviction X2 is what you’ve been searching for. We’d like to briefly introduce you to this amazing training shoe. S852N_Conviction_X2_WMN There are two words that perfectly describe the Conviction X2 by ASICS: robust and functional. The shoe’s Magic sole owes its name to the integrated ventilation system, which pushes warm air out of the shoe via compression - the more you train, the better it works. At the same time, the Wrap-Up midsole improves the shoe’s durability. The ASICS Conviction X2 has a 4 mm offset - a pretty flat profile that lends you more stability and control when weightlifting. Apart from that, there is a belt system throughout the upper that stabilises lateral movements. S802N_Conviction_X2_Men_det03 The ASICS Conviction X2 also comes with a practical lace garage, so your laces will never again get in the way while you’re working out. Additional features, such as the heat-resistant coating on the forefoot, built to withstand friction, and the perforated insole all make the ASICS Conviction X2 the perfect companion for the gym. Whether you’re on the treadmill or in the weights section, this fitness shoe will help you step up your game. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to it! S802N_Conviction_X2_Men_det02