"The AKU Climatica GTX is a “super all-rounder with a GTX Surround membrane that makes it the perfect waterproof shoe for warmer months”, says Keller Sports Outdoor Pro Thomas. P1020608 We already told you some details about the multi-terrain shoe in this post. After testing the shoe in all kinds of bad, windy weather, Thomas now shares his impressions of the shoe and his experiences with it. This is what he has to say about it: “I could tell the high-quality finish and design the moment I held the shoe in my hands. The combination of a classic leather upper with a seemingly progressive midsole and colourful laces makes the AKU Climatica GTX one of the nicest-looking GTX Surround models out there. P1020517 When you put the shoe on, you can feel the premium AKU quality straight away, most noticeable in the extremely fine leather. Although this outdoorshoe isn’t the lightest in its category, it’s top notch when it comes to value. The Italian shoe brand doesn’t cut back when it comes to extras, either. You can tell from the insole, which is just one of the high-quality components included in this shoe. P1020530 Once you’ve laced up, you barely notice you’re wearing a shoe at all. It fits perfectly and doesn’t press or rub anywhere. AKU has truly mastered the art of constructing a shoe to perfection.” During his trip, Thomas really liked the fit and the fantastic grip. This proves that you don’t need a Vibram sole to get the best grip. Whether on loose gravel or steep, soft forest trails - Thomas told us that the Climatica performed beautifully and impressed him thoroughly. P1020724 “A special highlight of this good all-rounder is its Gore-Tex Surround technology, which ensures a comfortable skin temperature. Thanks to the perforated sole and the channels in the midsole, moisture is pumped out of the shoe very efficiently. Even after purposely walking through water, everything felt dry and comfortable after just a short while. P1020524 Who would I recommend the AKU Climatica GTX to? This model is perfect for anyone who wants a very high quality, robust shoe that promises a comfortable skin temperature and is suited to different occasions - from technical hikes to city trips! However, because of the shoe’s weight, I wouldn’t recommend it for fast-paced mountain trips. All in all, the AKU Climatica with Gore-Tex Surround is a super all-rounder that I would recommend, above all, as a waterproof shoe for hot summer days.” P1020734 Perfect for summer, then! But don’t take it from us - click here if you want to experience the AKU Climatica GTX’s functionality first hand. Enjoy!"