We currently have the adidas Supernova running shoes and running clothes in our Keller Sports Store in Munich. We have been lending out the adidas shoes free of charge from our store since its opening. We were very glad to offer this opportunity to so many of our runners. The more experienced members of the Isar Run (the running group that sets off from our store twice a week) have shared their views on the new adidas Supernova.


The Supernova running shoe was tested in below 0°C temperatures on tarmac, gravel paths and slightly snowy terrain. The following report comes from testing the women’s running shoes.

Our runners described the shoes as slim and close-fitting, yet they recommend buying the Supernova in the same size you would usually buy running shoes, as the sizes are standard.

The shoe is also stable - the runners did not experience any slipping. Some of our test runners did, however, feel that the adidas Supernova’s slim fit was a little too tight, making them slightly uncomfortable. For this reason, they do not recommend this shoe for runners with wider feet.


Flexibility is rather restricted in this shoe, making the Supernova ideal for distance runs but less suited to interval training or sprints.

All of our runners loved the damping of the Supernova. The shoe’s Boost midsole stores energy during every step and returns it to you. Apart from that, testers were very impressed by the grip the shoe offered on slippery terrain. Despite the snow and the icy tarmac, all runners enjoyed good traction. They also all very much appreciated the running shoe’s design.


The adidas Supernova offers damping and good stability, and is therefore just as good for beginners as it is for experienced runners. The shoe is absolutely perfect for long distance runners with slim feet.

We would like to thank the testers of the Isar Run for their feedback.