Many runners tend to overpronate, meaning to bend their feet inwards during the rolling phase. The Gel-DS Trainer 21 from Asics has Dynamic Duomax midsole support that prevents this from happening – perfect for Running PRO Laura, who has tested this shoe for us.

First impressions

Even when just putting on the shoe it becomes obvious how comfortable it is. Especially runners with narrow feet will benefit with this shoe, as it adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot. Apart from the cool fit, Laura also liked the design, above all the colour combination of pink and turquoise. “The colours added to the white laces really make this shoe stand out”, she says. As well as this, the shoe sits comfortably and Laura felt it even motivated her to run.

During the run

No sooner said than done Laura hit the running track in the shoes. What she noticed straight away was the low weight, which makes the shoe ideal for training runs or competitions. The great fit means that the support from the outer rims and the forefoot area is excellent. The SpeedMesh upper improves breathability so the shoe can be worn during the summer months. The shoe is suitable for even terrains like tarmac, but it also fares well on forest paths.