Fitness PRO Sarah is adding a splash of colour to the summer with her stylish training pants. Combine these with her short sleeve t-shirt and the outfit look perfect. In her test report you can read all about it and find out what Sarah liked the most about the outfit.

Adidas WOW women’s training pants

The pants have a cool, bold pattern. The colour scheme consists of lilac, yellow, grey and black and the pattern is very lively compared to other sports pants. Sarah loves the pattern, as it shapes the legs beautifully. The fit is exactly what it should be for size XS, and it sits perfectly, just like the t-shirt. Around the ankles the fit is a little looser, which means the cuffs don’t constrict the ankles, but instead offer freedom to move.

A special feature that the sports pants have is the mesh function at the back of the knee. The material in this area is thinner and has a mesh structure. It allows air to circulate better to the back of the knee, as this part of the body perspires a lot while training or running. This function is also useful during knee movements or stretches. Doing lunges during stretches no longer leads to constriction, as the pants offer the necessary freedom of movement.

Apart from that, the fabric finish is similar to that of the top and it shines slightly. This, together with the bold, colourful pattern means that you can run or train in the early morning hours or in the evening, when there is little light, without being overlooked.

Adidas Basic Solid Performance women’s training top

The top has a sleek, clean and functional design – it goes with everything. It is made from 100% functional material. The round neckline is also elasticated and offers enough space for movement, while the fit feels very comfortable. Even after washing, the top retains its shape and sits perfectly, just like before. Sarah loves the fact that the top has no special applications or zips that could disturb your workout.

The sleek black top combines beautifully with the colourful pants. The complete outfit really does deliver a WOW effect.