The most important aspect to watch out for when looking for a new ski shoe is a perfect fit - especially in high-performance skiing when even the slightest movement of the foot should be transferred to the ski to enable optimum control. With the Mach1, our partner Tecnica has been setting new standards in this area since 2014. The several adjustment options and unique performance potential impress all those who want to experience a true racing feel on their skis. This winter, Tecnica has once again updated and improved the Mach1. We now have the new models in our shop. They were designed with a motto in mind: “Even lighter and even more comfortable” - check them out now.


For the new Mach1 models, the engineers at the Italian ski shoe specialist brand Tecnica have poured all of their professional know-how into creating new, light plastics, an anatomical fit and a choice between mid and low volume, i.e. different sizes and last widths. Both the inner shoe and the shell have been improved in several ways and offer all kinds of customisable adjustment options as part of the Tecnica C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) system. Apart from the C.A.S. system, the Mach1 models offer other precise ways to adjust the shoe to the foot. The inner shoe is made of a special thermoformable Microcell material that, once heated, wraps itself around the foot and can be altered to suit your individual shape.


The shell is also designed for extra adjustment. Little dents in the plastic show you where it can be cut, flattened or pressed. Thanks to the material structure, the modifications can be made quickly, easily and by hand. Last but not least, ensuring a perfect position on the ski is the midsole wedge, which can be propped at different angles. The more natural the feeling on the skis, the better the power transfer onto them. To make the Mach1 more comfortable to put on and take off this season 17/18, Tecnica has kitted it out with Lift Lock - when undone, the four buckles stay at an angle of 45° without digging into the shell. As you can already tell, the focus of this shoe is on offering the perfect fit for every skier. You can find the new Mach1 models from Tecnica right here.


Photos: Facebook/TecnicaSkiboots & Instagram/TecnicaSkiboots