On 18th February we will be teaming up with our partner Tecnica to offer you the chance to have your ski boots adjusted to fit your feet correctly. All you need to do is to have already bought some Tecnica ski boots from us since January, or to buy a pair from us by 13th February.


What is the purpose of boot-fitting? When your boot fits correctly you not only enjoy comfort, but also benefit from improved power transfer and skiing feel, with a focus on direct steering of the ski. How does boot-fitting work? Thanks to C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) technology, Tecnica can guarantee a perfect fit, as every ski boot can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s individual needs. The ski boot should imitate the exact shape of the foot - the inner shoe, shell and footbed are the three main components of a boot and are perfectly designed to fit the anatomical shape of the foot. Inner shoe The Microcell material in the C.A.S. inner shoe gives bootfitters the chance to adjust problem zones quickly and easily to fulfil your needs. The secret is the shaped “Dual Density” material, which is highly adjustable. Grinding this material can increase the volume of the inner shoe by up to 2 mm. The volume can also be decreased with precast Microcell parts. In the Tecnica MACH1 130 MV even the C.A.S. tongue can be adjusted, giving the bootfitter the chance to increase the volume in this area very easily, if needed. Shell Like the inner shoe, the C.A.S. shell is anatomically shaped and offers incredible adjustment possibilities. The shell and the inner shoe fit together perfectly to provide comfort, a good fit and excellent performance. The polyester material in the shell can be heated up at any problematic areas (i.e. the ankle or achilles tendon) and pressed into a better shape. Footbed The footbed can also be ground and adjusted to provide improved comfort and enable a more direct feel of the ski. Here you can sign up for your own personal boot-fitting session and take your next skiing adventure to the next level. Still not got any Tecnica ski boots? Just click through our selection on our Keller Sports online shop.