Many of us can barely wait to hit the slopes and play in the snow - you too, right? To make sure you glide down the mountains safely and don’t hurt yourself too badly during any possible falls, we’ve got the most advanced helmet for you in our winter sports selection: the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS. With its unique construction and its large range of technologies, this helmet protects your head and ensures you reach the valley in safety. We’d now like to introduce you to this premium helmet.

With the TLC Shell construction, the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS combines two functional properties: the elasticity of injection moulded thermoplastics and the stiffness of carbon fibres. This means that the shell’s different areas have been optimised to serve their particular purpose. Apart from the TLC Shell construction, you benefit from additional protection during falls thanks to the Impact Shields on the front and back of the helmet. The Shields come with a moulded EPS insert that distributes impact and relieves pressure on the front and back of the head.


As if all this wasn’t enough, the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS is also equipped with a MIPS system (as the name of the helmet suggests). The inner shell is attached to the outer shell but remains flexible - this absorbs rotational forces so they don’t damage your brain. Apart from providing outstanding protection, Sweet Protection helmets are well-known for being light and comfortable, too. The fit can be adjusted easily with the fit pads, the helmet is kept in place by Occigrip, and the ventilation channels guarantee a comfortable temperature around your head. All in all, the Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS is a highly technical winter sports helmet that delivers reliable protection during any possible falls. Have fun and ski safely!