Sweet Protection is a young winter- and outdoor sports brand. A combination of talent and hearty passion for outdoor sports is reflected in the high quality of the resulting products. The company was founded in Norway in 2000 and it has the aim of constantly creating lighter, better, more robust sports equipment. The brand also places in high priority offering a balanced mix of good quality and design.


Sweet Protection plays a very important role in collaborating with different athletes like snowboard legend Terje Håkonsen. No product leaves the production line without the influence of this kind of team member, whose knowledge and experience are simply irreplaceable.

This knowledge is valued by Sweet Protection just as much as environmental conservation. This means the brand is constantly focused on sourcing its goods from suppliers who share similar values with regards to sustainable production. These values include providing certain working conditions for employees and considerate handling of natural resources and dangerous by-products.

Just in time for the winter sports season we have added functional Sweet Protection ski helmets to our range. Robustness, light weight and a cool design - that is what makes Sweet Protection helmets stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a helmet for a relaxing downhill glide, your next freeride adventure or a lightning-fast slalom race, you're sure to find the perfect helmet with us.

Sweet Protection Rooster


Sweet Protection Grimnir TE


Sweet Protection Blaster MIPS


Sweet Protection Trooper SL TE