From Monday 31st October we will be officially welcoming the winter season in our store in Munich! You can discover and experience the winter sports brand PYUA in our Keller Sports store on Auenstraße for a whole three weeks thanks to several events and special offers. As well as this, we will be hosting an amazing competition in which you can win 2 places at the Freeride Camp in Obertauern! You can find more information about it all and the entire event calendar on our Facebook store site.

Our partner PYUA's focus is on a combination of style, function and sustainability. PYUA is the first functional clothing brand that creates high-quality clothing from recycled materials. These are kept in a close circle thanks to a returning system and special partners. For example, an old, restored PYUA jacket can be turned into new pants.

In this closed-loop recycling system old textil products are collected in clothing containers and recycling boxes in the stores of PYUA merchants. The second step consists in sorting the clothing and reducing them to raw materials. From there, the old products are recycled, fabrics are manufactured and new PYUA products are developed.


The products are created with maximal energy- and raw material efficiency, and they are also hardwearing. Compared to conventional polyester manufacturing, turning polyester products into new, high-quality polyester fabric in this closed-loop recycling system uses only around one fifth of the energy and results in around one quarter of the CO2 emissions. It also reduces waist and avoids an unnecessary use of raw oil.

Want some more PYUA? Come to visit us in the Keller Sports Store in Munich from Monday onwards - it's definitely worth it. Bring on winter!

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