I have never tried a running shoe made in Bavaria. So it was an experiment when I first opened the box to try the Adidas Supernova Riot shoes for its purpose: Running in the field.  

The shoe in detail

At first glance it is clear why this shoe was made. I shall have a lot of fun in these shoes. Weighing 340 grams it’s not lightweight but it is a stable shoe that will tolerate rough terrain. Visually it’s serious. The Riot black dominates the famous three stripes in white and silver. The orange sole adds colour contrast and it is here that the sole needs to be particularly stable: A beautiful shoe without a doubt. The laces are also held in a subtle honeycomb pattern mesh fabric which is visually pleasing as well as functional. The Sole: The Continental logo (car tyre brand) adorns the black sole and indicates maximum grip. Therefore, with the endorsement from Continental, it is unsurprising that the Riot gives grip through any weather and terrain. Even on wet asphalt where the shoe doesn’t really belong. Particularly striking is the rear supernova formation sole which probably copes with the most violent of running impacts and delivers a stable outcome. With its relatively high step the shoe favours the more robust style of running. This design is typical for a stable running shoe, especially if it is made for off-road.  

The Fit

Shoes made by Adidas are said to be generally narrow in the forefoot. For the Riot 5 this is not true. For example, my foot feels significantly more spacious than the comparable Fujitrabuco from Asics. My current favourite trail shoe has a serious competitor. The deep cut fit in the ankle is particularly pleasant and striking at first glance. The foot is also very mobile yet protected and stable. For overpronators like me this is a must. Unfortunately I must always have the ankle part of the shoe high and tight. Rainer Neubert testet den Adidas Supernova Riot

The Practical Test

Yes! – This is clearly a shoe for the terrain. It’s suitable for the Franconian forests as well as Frankish fields, vineyards and trails. Short passages on asphalt will always appear sometimes and this of course is a compromise. The Riot clearly shows its strength on gravel, earth, stones, grit or any type weather. Thanks to the mesh upper it even keeps your feet from overheating, even on warm days. Rainer Neubert läuft mit Adidas Supernova Riot

My conclusion for the Adidas Supernova Riot

The experiment has been successful for Adidas. I would certainly like to try a road shoe with the three stripes at some point. However, anyone looking for a stable and well-treaded trail shoe, they will find the Adidas Supernova Riot 5 more than suitable for off road.