The winter sports season is in full swing and, be it freeriding or ski touring, resort skiing or snowboarding - we're pushing our bodies to the limit, especially our feet and calves, which suffer particular strain during snow sports. Your feet should not already be tired after the first day of a long skiing weekend, which is why our partner X-Bionic has addressed this problem and developed highly functional ski socks.

Ski Energizer

The Ski Energizer compression socks have a Smart Compression Zone that ensures improved blood circulation and nutrient supply. This relieves some of the strain on the cardiovascular system and lowers heart rate. The functional socks also reduce the risk of thrombosis and speed up the recovery process.

The X-Bionic ski socks serve many other functions too. The Air-Conditioning Channel® on the inside of the foot provides continuous ventilation and temperature regulation, even in a fixed ski shoe. Several protectors in the toe, achilles tendon at the heel, shin and calf areas all protect the foot against pressure, friction and impact without being restrictive. The X-Cross® Bandage protects high-strain ligaments and tendons in the ankle area and provides support and stability.

metal skisocke damen

The Ski Metal ski socks are ideal for women's feet that are particularly sensitive to the cold. Xitanit™ material works like an emergency blanket in the way that it reflects your body heat to keep your feet at a perfect temperature. High quality, highly functional merino wool provides a high level of comfort and warmth. Apart from that, the X-Bionic Metal Ski socks also enable optimal power transfer to your skis. These socks have protectors in different parts for optimal protection against impact and pressure. Moreover, the X-Cross® Bandage protects the ankle area, providing stability and support at the same time.

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