After much research, the topic of “fasciae” has been given more and more importance by scientists. Falke has also looked into it and now recognises how important it is to train the fascia of your skin and muscles to enable optimal movement cycles. As a result of intense research, the company has developed a textile that stimulates your fascia while you work out.Teaser_Damen_Running (1)

What are fasciae and why do they matter?

“Fasciae” is a word used to describe all the connective tissue in the body, i.e. capsules, ligaments and tendons. The word can also refer to one very specific type of connective tissue, though this is not the meaning we are using in this post. Fasciae shape the entire support frame of the body, as they are interwoven in every single part of it. Imagine fasciae tissue as a kind of mesh arranged in overlapping layers, also referred to as “white tissue”. It is important to know, that it is not muscles that deliver the power within a movement, but the fasciae. These stabilise the muscle when we tense it and provide a channel to transfer energy from said muscle. Apart from providing stability and enabling energy transfer, they are also essential for coordination and mobility – but to be fully functional in these areas, they need to be stable and elastic. Incorrect movements, increasing age, injuries and physical inactivity all lead to this white tissue becoming more glutinous. This results in limited mobility and pain, which are not what you want in your daily routine or during sporty activities.

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A weak fascial system in an athlete is the equivalent to a limited performance potential. This is where Falke comes in. The Falke Ergonomic Sport system used in the Impulse Running collection uses textile to positively stimulate your fasciae. The collection is made up of a running top, pants and socks. Every piece of clothing is equipped with knit and silicone nubs in critical impulse areas. The functional principle is as follows: the integrated nub system delivers targeted stimulation to the fasciae receptors. The resulting impulses travel directly to the brain and spine. Then, the brain activates the relevant muscles, and these contract.Your running style and gait cycle change completely. The effectiveness of the fasciae activation provided by Falke Impulse running clothing has been scientifically proven, which means that you are guaranteed to enjoy improved stability in your joints. Studies also show that runners wearing Impulse running clothing benefitted from improved coordination and energy, and they felt more relaxed while running.


The Impulse running collection by Falke is available in our shop and can also be found in our Keller Sports Store in Munich!