The coronavirus determines the headlines and the actions of the entire society worldwide. During this time, Keller Sports' top priority is to ensure the safety of its customers, employees and partners.

We are very aware that sporting activities are currently only possible to a very limited extent. In this difficult times we still want to continue to contribute to a conscious and sporty lifestyle.

Your big running event has been postponed? The bike camp cancelled? You can’t go on your long organized outdoor trip? Many of you are forced to reduce outdoor sports to a minimum and to cancel larger events, which you have surely been waiting for for a long time. We know how demotivating this can be and we want to create new motivation with confidence.

The restrictions of our everyday life caused by the corona virus do not mean a standstill for us, but rather spur us on to become creative and change our plans. We want to look into the future and not lose sight of our sporting goals. Because this is exactly what gives us all the strength and confidence to get through these difficult times unharmed.

Yoga and other workouts that you can easily do at home can be found in the Keller Sports Guide

Staying active within your own four walls

Currently, social contacts should be avoided as much as possible. We take this seriously and want to support you in making the situation at home as pleasant as possible. To make sure that the start of the training in 2020 was not in vain for anyone, we would like you to join us in being active in your own four walls from now on and as long as the situation requires it.

For the necessary motivation just follow our social media channels. There you will find exclusive home challenges with Imke Salander, core training with Katharina Kosatschek, specific workouts for runners, cyclists and outdoor athletes and a lot more indoor inspiration. #stayathome #staymotivated

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