17 years ago, former freestyle- and freeride-skier Sara Rönngren and her husband, professional mountaineer Jimmy Oden, founded the winter sports brand State of Elevenate in their native Sweden. They were both fascinated with skiing from childhood and spent a total of over 6,000 days skiing before they decided to manufacture their own ski clothing in Åre.Mont_Fort_FredrikssonM_6507

Elevenate's high quality, functionality and excellent design soon became known. The fitted and ergonomically-shaped products were mainly made from recycled materials, a fact that highlighted this brand as being eco-friendly. According to Elevenate, not consuming more than is needed is an essential step forward in environmental conservation. It is for this reason that the brand produces clothing made to be worn a long time. Robustness, high quality, sustainability and as eco-friendly a transport of goods as possible - all key cornerstones in the brand's approach to business.linje_etagnes_alt

The functionality of Elevenate products is most clearly shown by the details: waterproof zips, extra high collars, 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro and wider sleeves to allow space for gloves. During the manufacturing process of its ski clothes, Elevenate has really thought of everything. We now have the brand in our range - check it out for yourself!FredrikssonM_5178_pre-launch