Everyone definitely knows what it feels like to come home after a long, strenuous day at work and not be able to motivate yourself to do any exercise. It then happens again and again; you’d rather sit comfortably on the sofa at home than go for a run or to the gym.

You often give excuses like "I'll go running tomorrow instead " or "I had a really stressful day again today". This is becoming a widespread problem, especially when you consider the growing number of obese people in Germany.

Professionals often seek excuses not to exercise after long days at work. But that is a big mistake! It is exactly exercise – whether it is skating, training in the gym or even swimming – that can help to effectively reduce the stress of everyday life. So you’ll find it easier to relax and sleep more soundly.

But what can you do to motivate yourself to exercise regularly after work?

We’ve got tips!

► Tip 1: Don’t go straight home after work, but instead exercise straight away. This way, you’ll escape the temptation to just stay home and lie on the sofa. It is much harder to pick yourself up again, than if you drive to the gym straight from work, or put your running shoes on in the office!

► Tip 2: Exercise with your colleagues. Once you have made an arrangement with somebody, it is much harder to let the other person down, than if it were just you who had intended to be physically active.

The last “hopes” that you won’t have to exercise die, when your colleague comes in to work in the morning carrying their gym bag. Exercising with a partner is a really great way to improve, because there is always a bit of a natural rivalry! Neither of you will want to embarrass yourselves in front of your colleagues, so will always strive for your very best performance. So it’s double motivation!

► Tip 3: Decide which days you’re going to train and develop a routine. As the saying goes: "If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail". People are creatures of habit, so the biggest hurdle is really just making exercise a part of your routine. Once you stick to it, it starts to become quite easy.

► Tip 4: The right motivation for training. Positive experiences are certainly important, but the sense of achievement after exercising isn’t everything, but also what you actually do in the workout.

Music, for example, can help to motivate you during training and to make you work harder, so that your sense of achievement after training is even greater. With this positive experience, you’ll look forward to the next workout.

For all the people who still can’t bring themselves to go running or to the gym after work, even with these tips, there is an alternative: Exercise before work!

No stress, long work days, or a feeling of exhaustion. Exercise in the early hours prepares you well for the day ahead, and keeps you fit at the same time. A morning run provides you with the energy and motivation for the upcoming (hopefully more intellectual) tasks that you will do at work.

And if it’s possible: every now and then jog to work! Perhaps you have a shower in the office (like us) and you could leave spare clothes the night before. No more excuses! Exercise!