Last week some of our Keller Sports PROs trained together. The personal trainer Sarah Kratz, herself one of our PROs, got the athletes nicely warmed up at her gym in Bogenhausen. The training plan consisted of a combination of spinning and barreconcept. This type of training last an hour, with a couple of breaks, and it improves stamina and flexibility, and encourages weight loss.

  The PROs started off with a warm-up on the spinning bike to get their heartbeat up to around 130/min and stimulate the fat burning system. After that it was time to use the ballet bar. The barreconcept is a full-body workout with elements from ballet, pilates, yoga and weight training. It works with a constant heartrate to improve stamina. The movements are something like this: lift stretched-out left leg to the side, turn the toes away from the body, bring the arm parallel to the body with the back of the hand facing forward, and tense the abdomen and the back. After that, bend over, lower the body and turn around. The brain sends different signals to different parts of the body, which improves coordination.

  After working the right leg, the PROs jumped on to the bikes again. This time pedalling to the changing beat of the music, adjusting resistance and lifting themselves off the saddle. By pedalling while standing you shift some of your body weight on to your arms and can do push-up-like movements on the bike. From the bike they went straight onto the yoga mat without a break and did some back and tummy exercises to improve core stability. They then went back to their bikes and began using low-weight dumb bells. While pedalling, they lifted and rotated the 2kg dumb bells to work the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. To finish they did group stretching on the mats. Conclusion: this workout is great fun and it works the full body. In one hour you train strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and stamina.