Last week, our partner adidas launched the new Ultra Boost X. This version of the famous Ultra Boost was especially developed for women. In order to perfectly support the shape of a woman’s foot in movement, the three-stripe brand has decided to use ARAMIS technology. This is a system in which cameras and sensors are used to create optimal running analyses. With these 3D movement analyses, adidas has been able to identify specific parts of the foot that need a particular amount of support, stability or mobility while running.


Andre Maestrini, General Manager of adidas Running, tells us about the shoe: “Based on ARAMIS insights of the female foot, we tailored the leading performance technology of Ultra Boost specifically for women, delivering the most innovative and technical running shoe in an industry leading silhouette. We’re excited to offer the unique experience to female runners around the globe, providing the tools for them to uplift their run.”

To cater for the behaviour of the foot while running, adidas has now developed the perfect running shoe for women. The Adaptive Arch in the midfoot is similar to that of the Pure Boost X, and it adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot. The heel cap is a bit narrower than the one on the Ultra Boost, so it fits a woman’s foot better. The famous Boost midsole spans the entire length of the shoe and offers ideal damping and energy return during every step. The Continental Rubber 4-way stretch web outsole provides the necessary traction. Together with the Primeknit upper, which adapts and adjusts to the foot and delivers super breathability, adidas has developed the running shoe that all women have been waiting for. We will soon have this shoe in our selection.