Our partner Babolat now presents the Pure Strike, the latest tennis racket for offensive players. Offensive players take control of the ball when it is on the rise to use the power of the opponent's shot against him/her and return the shot early. For this reason, this kind of player needs a racket that provides precision, control and power. It is with this aim in mind that Babolat developed the new high performance racket, the Pure Strike, which is soon available in our range.FB AD Thiem pure strike Av Logo

Babolat athlete Dominic Thiem is really impressed with this racket. "What I like about this racket? The fact that I can make the ball go where I want with exact precision. I can strike at large and play really, really fast, but always staying in control. Another thing I like is the special noise the racket makes during a shot - not only I hear it, the audience too. One thing is clear: with this racket, I've really upped my game."

In order to achieve the perfect balance between power and control, Babolat has designed a new stringing pattern for the Babolat Strike. The larger pattern offered by FSI Power technology delivers more power and improved playability, while more precision is achieved by the reinforcements of the frame at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock and the throat. The increased stability of this hybrid frame technology means that the Pure Strike provides a high degree of control during a game and more precision in every shot.