This year, our partner Douchebags is exploring a new field of specialisation and completely redefined it. With its new bike bags, this brand is offering cyclists an easy, comfortable and extremely intelligent way of transporting a bicycle during a journey. In collaboration with British bike racing team Team Sky and Trek Factory Racing Downhill, Douchebags has launched two bike bags: “The Trail” and “The Tour”. “Ever since we created the Douchebag and really pushed the ski bag market, we have been approached by athletes from so many different sports asking us to improve their travel equipment as well. So we decided to take on the bike travel bag category, as it was one of the segments that really needed better product solutions”, says Jon Olsson, professional skier and co-founder of Db Equipment.

On the one hand, we have “The Trail” for mountain bikes, whose wheels and pedals need to be dismantled for travel. These elements can be stored in the specialised side pockets. The frame is then securely fastened to the inside of the bag with simple velcro straps. The walls of the bag are stabilised by the Rib Cage construction, which protects the bike during transport. When the bike is safely packed away, you can simply pull the bag along, thanks to the integrated wheels. When you’ve reached your destination and assembled your bike, you can fold up the space-saving bike bag and store it in a small space.

_DSC1043-Redigera On the other hand, we have “The Tour” bag, specially designed for road bikes. The main difference between this bag and “The Trail” is that with “The Tour”, you fasten the frame to a floor rack and secure it with screws. Apart from that, you neither have to remove nor turn your handlebars, as the bag’s 3D lateral pods provide a designated storage space for them. Both bike bags come with side pockets, fastenings, reinforcements and wheels, combining the benefits of Douchebags’ soft case and hard case bags in one. These are true all-round hybrids! As Olsson said: “We did not set out to make a bike bag, we set out to make the best bike bag. We poured resources and time into this project, and when the final result rolled into the office we all felt that it was 100% worth it. We have a truly great product”.