You probably enjoy spending time outdoors and might even train out in the open already, but when the temperatures begin to drop, it feels increasingly difficult to work out in the fresh air. Nonetheless, outdoor training has many benefits, even during the colder months! If you don’t believe us, our partner Kari Traa is bound to convince you with seven good reasons to train outdoors. 1. You train for longer Training outdoors puts you in changing surroundings and gives you a break from your routine. This means that you’re less likely to notice fatigue. Whether you’re running or doing strength training, the different surroundings and workout processes ensure you don’t get stuck in a rut, so it’ll seem like time passes more quickly. 2. You have more energy and your muscles work harder Studies show that runners who train outdoors push their muscles more than those who work out on a treadmill. Outdoor surroundings are more challenging: varying terrain, different weather conditions, etc., and therefore make your workout more efficient. Indoor runners use up less energy than outdoor runners when covering the same distance. IG1 3. You save money A gym membership can end up costing you a small fortune in the long term. You’re also often bound by a contract. One solution is to spend a little less money and set up a home gym but the best thing to do is use your surroundings to increase your fitness levels. With a little creativity, you can come up with really exciting workouts in the forest or even your local park. 4. You feel happier and less stressed Training outdoors is a revitalising experience that fills you with positive energy. It has been proven that 71% of people feel less stressed after going for a walk. On the flipside, 72% of subjects who have a walk indoors feel more stressed than before. The fresh air is the key ingredient that raises your levels of happy hormones, endorphins. 16042_KariTraa_Training_2_434 5. You don’t pick up germs Bad germs feel particularly at home in gyms. You shouldn’t trust people to clean and disinfect machines after using them. The floor and the changing rooms are also rife with bacteria. Even the air inside a gym feels thicker and heavier than outside. If you want to play it safe, move your training outdoors, where you can breathe in fresh, natural air. 6. You can think more clearly A huge amount of thoughts will collect in your mind throughout the day. Many of us tend not to let go of these after a stressful day. The fresh air gives our brain a break and allows our minds to clear out and wander free. 7. You can train whenever you want No opening times, no set training sessions, no travelling. Nature is always there - you just need to make the most of it. What are you waiting for? Change into your training outfit and start your workout - on your front step if you like!  16042_KariTraa_Training_2_249 Source: