"When you see more, you can do more" - seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? It means that, for the perfect day in powder, you need the right ski goggles.

In this post we’d like to introduce you to our Smith ski goggles with new ChromaPop lenses. This innovation will make your vision sharper, simpler and faster. With ChromaPop lens technology, colours and details will seem clearer than ever before. How does it work?


The special lens filters out light from two specific wavelengths that can lead you to mix up colours. This means that the goggle lens provides improved colour definition, bold, natural colours, and unbeatable clarity, so you can take in the details.

Our Keller Sports Pro Franzi enjoyed the perfect freeride day while wearing the Smith I/O ski goggles - read all about it here. What most impressed her was the intuitive lens exchange system, the crystal clear vision and the cool look of the goggles. “For me, the Smith I/O is the perfect companion for days out in powder. The weather up in the mountains can change in a matter of minutes, so I always have my extra lens with me to ensure I can see perfectly in all conditions. Most important of all: you always look cool in the snow - no goggle gap!


The goggles come with ChromaPop Sun and ChromaPop Storm lenses, so you can see just as well in bright light as you can in low-light conditions. Apart from that, the 5X Anti-Fog glass keeps your ski goggles from steaming up.

Are you looking for the perfect ski goggles? Check out these and the other Smith goggles we have on offer in our online shop!