The development of a modern touring ski continues. Skis are becoming lighter all the time, yet also more robust, meaning that they have innovative constructions that offer outstanding performance both uphill and downhill. This is also the case with the Superguide 88 from our partner Scott. Like its slightly wider brother, the Superguide 95, this ski has an elliptical sandwich sidewall construction. The full wood core with carbon and aramid reinforcements makes the Superguide 88 not only very stable and terse downhill, but also extremely light for climbing. The slightly slimmer width (88 mm) makes the ski very agile, a property that is further supported by the Pro-Tip rocker. This also provides extra stability in deep snow and more control during turns. Keller Sports Pro Thomas thinks that this ski “is ideal for touring skiers who want a good all-rounder” because “it is light enough for climbs and easy to handle, but is wide and stable enough to perform well downhill on any kind of terrain”. We have the Scott Superguide 88 in our selection, as well as some skins to go with it. Check it out now, as it impresses with both technologies and construction, and is also a real head-turner.asset

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