Getting ready for your next marathon? Working on your running technique? If so, we’d like to introduce you to our new partner, Saysky. Do you already know this premium running clothes brand? If not, then here is a brief overview: the brand’s main focus is on performance and design. Two other aspects the company prioritises are courage and recognition. Saysky says that “It is not about being the best, but about being your own best”.

The story behind Saysky

The brand Saysky was founded in Copenhagen in 2013. The aim was (and continues to be) to develop premium running clothing that has a casual urban look. With unique performance materials, simple designs and comfortable fits, Saysky products certainly do fulfil this aim. The relaxed t-shirts and the practical 2-in-1 shorts are perfect for sportspeople with a passion for running and training who prefer clothes with a sporty fit. Saysky running clothes make all runners and joggers look great while they work on achieving a new personal best. We’d now like to introduce you to three pieces of the new premium performance sportswear collection by Saysky.

Saysky Outfits

The Saysky Wellington running jacket

The Saysky Wellington jacket will bring a breath of fresh air into your running wardrobe. The pinholes for your thumbs will ensure no cold wind creeps up your sleeves, while the adjustable waist provides a perfect fit, so the jacket stays in place while you exercise. The Saysky Wellington jacket is not just perfect from a functional perspective, it looks great too. The green-black camo pattern makes this an ideal statement piece to complete your sports outfit. Saysky Wellingtion Jacket

The Saysky SS Tee running tops

The short-sleeved t-shirts are the perfect example of the Danish brand’s vision: they allow you to perform to the best of your ability while running or training. The material that makes up the t-shirts provides outstanding moisture management, so you stay dry during your run and can concentrate fully on your performance. Like all Saysky products, these impress not only with their performance-oriented design but also with their casual urban look. Be it for sports or lifestyle, these t-shirts are perfect for all occasions. Saysky Running Shirts

The Saysky 2 in 1 running shorts

The 2 in 1 running shorts by Saysky offer the ideal combination of shorts and tights. The inner shorts are made of moisture-wicking material that will keep you dry no matter how hard you train. There’s a small zipped pocket at the back of the waistband - perfect for storing keys or a phone without them getting in the way while you run. Shorts and tights, leisure and comfort, functionality and style, running and training. In one word: Saysky. Saysky 2 in 1 Shorts What do you think of Saysky running and training clothes? Clean designs, great patterns, urban colours and perfect performance. What more could you possibly want? Which of your friends would like the Saysky outfits?