Several researchers have grappled with the subject of choosing the right running shoes for every kind of runner. Saucony has also spent years trying to develop the best running shoes, during which time it has been discovered that those who take into account their daily activities, as well as running sessions, when choosing shoes will come to the same conclusion: one pair of running shoes is not enough.Saucony_Schuhrotation_HW2016 (3)

Spencer White, Vice President Saucony Human Performance Lab explains why it is important to run in different kinds of shoes: “We are not in the same physical state every day. One day we need a shoe with less damping, while another day we require some slight pronation support.” People who run two or three times a week need at least two different shoe models to choose from depending on physical condition.Saucony_Schuhrotation_HW2016 (2)

After a day at the office or a long trip our bodies are not likely to be in the best shape. “In these cases we would recommend a supportive or very well damped shoe, even if the runner is used to wearing neutral shoes. This would relieve the ankles of some pressure, distribute impact evenly and make running significantly more comfortable”, says Mika Froesch, Country Manager for Germany, Austria and Poland. He goes on: “The same goes for the other end of the spectrum. If the runner is used to wearing very supportive shoes, wearing a model without support on a relaxed day can help develop inter-muscular coordination. Like this we prevent one-sided strain of the muscles in the arch of the foot. "Saucony_Schuhrotation_HW2016 (1)